Join Indian Army Tour Of the Duty For Civilians

Join Indian Army For Civilians

Recently the Indian Army is considering a proposal which allows civilians of the country to serve in the Indian army for three years as ‘tour of the duty‘. After this news, many aspirants and civilians are happy and shown interest to join the forces to serve for three years and want to know the joining process for the same. Though the proposal is still in pipeline and more details are awaited. Below are some details related to the tour of duty concept of Indian army for the civilians.

What Is Tour Of Duty In Indian Army?

Join Indian Army Tour Of the Duty For Civilians

Tour of Duty allows civilians of the country to join the Indian Army for three years and serve the country as an army soldier. The proposal is yet under process but it has certainly gained a lot of popularity. This could be a great opportunity for those who would like to experience the work of a soldier without actually pursuing it as a career.

How To Join Tour Of Duty?

The proposal of Tour of Duty is an effort made by the Indian Army to attract the best talent that the country has towards the Indian armed forces. Tour of Duty will be launched with around 100 vacancies for officers and 1000 for jawans. This ‘course’ set up by the Indian Army will help with the improvement of self-confidence, teamwork, initiative, stress management, innovation and a sense of responsibility. Army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand was quoted by a news source saying that the scheme will be launched with limited seats as an experiment. If it is a successful venture, the number of vacancies will be increased.

  • A proposal is being discussed under which common citizens would be allowed a three year Tour of Duty in the force to serve the nation.
  • This proposal is part of the Indian Army’s efforts to attract the best talent of the country into its fold. At present, the shortest tenure one can do in the force is of 10 years under the Short Service Commission.
  • “Tour of Duty (ToD)” tenure as both officers and jawans in the backdrop of the urgent need for cadre restructuring amidst the ballooning salary and pension bills adversely impacting military modernization.
  • ToD will initially be launched with around 100 vacancies for officers and 1,000 for jawans.
  • The feedback has been taken from the different Army commands. There is general acceptance the ToD scheme can be launched as an experiment with a limited number of vacancies. If successful, the vacancies can be increased later,” said Army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand.
  • ToD scheme would entail “voluntary military service” to mark a far-reaching shift away from the existing “permanent service” in the armed forces. “It will not be military conscription like in some countries like Israel. With huge unemployment, India has no dearth of people wanting to join the armed forces,”
  • There is no clear picture of how the selection for the Indian Army Tour of Duty will be, as many candidates are asking if there will be any written exam of SSB interview for the same.

How can I apply for Tour of Duty Indian Army? 

At the moment there no details on the enrollment process, once the official details are out, SSB Crack will be publishing the same here.

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Tour of Duty eligibility Criteria

There are no updates as of the criteria for being eligible to apply for Tour of Duty. As per an education website, the official details will soon to be released by the Army. There is also no information about whether the applicants will have to appear for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview or any written exam for the same. There is also no information on Tour of Duty age limit i.e. what is the minimum age to apply for this vacancy. The maximum age to apply for SSB however is 35 years of age.

Tour of Duty Army Official Website

Voluntarily participation

As ET had reported, the Indian Army is considering a proposal that entails allowing common citizens to voluntarily join the force for three years as part of a model called “Tour of Duty”.

Slice of Army life

Army Chief General M M Naravane on Wednesday said that the idea came up after the army learnt from visits to colleges and universities that the youth were eager to experience army life. “When our officers addressed youths in colleges, we came across the feeling that they want to experience army life, but not as a career. Taking a cue from this, this idea was born of why not give them an opportunity to serve for two to three years,” he said.

Tour of Duty

Officials explained that the proposed model of Tour of Duty (ToD) has been proposed to be implemented on a trial basis for officers and other ranks in the army for a limited number of vacancies. The vacancies would be increased if the model is successful. The proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service in the armed forces towards an “internship” for three years.


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